Tayana 37
The Tayana 37 is perhaps the most successful semi-custom cruising boat to be built. It was designed by Bob Perry and introduced in 1975 as a response to the Westsail 32 which were selling in enormous numbers. Today looking back, with the boat still in production with a boat count of 588, most still sailing, and an active and owners community, its very apparent that Perry has succeeded.

One could say the boat was designed to ignite imaginations of tropical sunsets in exotic locations; think oodles of teak and a beautiful custom interior, wrapped into traditional double-ender hull with a full keel. Beneath the alluring romance, you’ll find a boat that is solidly built, and indeed many Tayana 37s can be found on the blue water cruising circuit around the world.

Tayana 37 has been constructed of the finest materials, using the best techniques. There is no better yacht in her size range on the market. With care and proper maintenance she will not only prove to be an excellent investment, she will take you cruising anywhere in the world safely and comfortably. This is being proven almost daily. Ocean crossings by Tayana 37’s are routine. Circumnavigations have been reported. By the same token, over 500 of these yachts are the primary homes of their owners.


Hull length 36’-8”
L.W.L. 31’-0”’
B. MAX 11’-6”
Standard draft 5’-8”
Ballast 8000 lbs
Displacement 22500 lbs
Sail area 768 sq.ft.
Cutter 861 sq.ft.