Tayana 52
Breaking 400 means a lot in baseball. In the world of production auxiliary sailboats, it can mean even more. The Ta Yang yard built and sold over 600 of Bob Perry's Tayana 37s. It's not surprising that it gave him another turn at the plate. This time up produced the Tayana 52. She is a fast cruiser of moderate draft. Perry tried hard to work greater than expected stability into the equation, through both the extra-firm turn that he gave her bilges and the depth to which he sunk her more than 7 tons of ballast in her longish fin keel. Available in either aft- or center- cockpit configurations, the 52 retains quite a traditional air, no matter how you slice her deck mold. Achieving 6-foot 6-inch headroom while maintaining a low silhouette is something that Perry says is "nothing tricky, just a matter of lots of little details." Her modern masthead rig is well understood by sailors and offers a good helping of power in most wind conditions. An inner forestay suitable for a staysail adds lots of versatility to the setup. Ta Yang allows considerable owner involvement in detailing the below decks accommodations. Lockers and drawers are there in the standard layout in an abundance the proves that a good amount of thought has gone into helping a boat of this size support the large number that she can sleep.

From her counter stern to her characteristically Perry scimitar bow, the Tayana 52 helps to illustrate why Perry's designs tend to be hit far more than the average. Robert Perry said that Tayana has the "sweetest sheer" he has ever drawn.Few yachts exhibit the stunning symmetry and the sheer beauty of the 52. Whether lying at anchor or playing with high sweeping seas, she is an eye-catcher of the first magnitude. The Tayana 52 is truly a magnificent sailing machine.


Hull length 55’-5”
L.W.L. 42’
B. MAX 15’-1”
Standard draft 6’-6”
Draft shoal(option) 5’-8”
Ballast 14800 lbs
Displacement 38570 lbs
Engine diesel 100 hp
Sail area(cutter) 1414 sq.ft.
Designer Robert H.Perry